Event Sales Consultancy

Do you have a strong sales team, effective procedures, a sales action plan, or time to mentor your team to achieve your targets? If the answer is no to any part of that question, then Optimise Hospitality can help you.

Every organisation is different so we will take the time to explore with you how your organisation and culture prefer to work and agree solutions that are best suited to your specific requirements.

In terms of timescales, this could be a one day review, short term consultancy or coaching on an ongoing basis. We can also cover a Sales Management or Director role as an interim solution whilst a project is being completed or whilst you recruit replacements.

We often do things because we have always done them or because we’re too busy to think about doing it any other way. It can sometimes take fresh eyes to look at your business from a different perspective to help you focus on what is important. So, if you would like some ideas on how to optimise your event sales a thorough sales audit is highly recommended.

Once we have assessed how we can optimise your events business, our consultants will work within your business to help motivate your team, involve them in the project and make them responsible for their part in your success.

We handover fully when we leave and are always happy to pop back at any time to give support for the next stages or ensure that all is running as planned.

Why not contact us to see how we can help?

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Optimise Hospitality has been working with me on and off for nearly a year now. They came to my aid at a vulnerable time in my business and helped me pull it back in the direction I required. Professional, articulate, bubbly and a wealth of knowledge makes Optimise Hospitality an asset to anyone who is looking for a fresh perspective to the business. I believe they could be an asset to any business that is looking for direction or vision for Sales and Marketing.
General Manager of a leading sporting venue
Optimise Hospitality have a wealth of knowledge and experience that allow them to work with businesses to identify sales and marketing pitfalls quickly. Combine this with their solutions focused approach, and ability to communicate effectively with others, results in implementing changes that can positively impact bottom lines of business
CEO of an independent venue